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Company Profile

We specialize in supplying and fitting Aluminium and Artisan glassworks and architectural services

Company Overview

We are the best Interior decoration, Aluminium and Artisan glassworks all over the capital region and are artistically inclined towards providing aesthetic and modular designs. We deal in products like skylights, paragola, aluminium doors, sensor glass doors, foldable glass, cladings etc that add an exquisitive touch!

Company History

Taruna Aluminium& Glassworks is a well-known market leader in the Glass and Aluminium Industry in Faridabad, India. Founded in 1968 by a young visionary, Rajiv Bhatnagar who at the age of 13 years stepped into this industry and through hard work and his sharp business acumen has created a trustworthy and respected brand in the region, serving the best conglomerates of the region.


Skilled technicians


Years experience


Finished projects

Why Choose Us?

We are the glass and Aluminium connoisseur of refined and elegant furnishings that displays the absolute craftsmanship in terms of :

  • Innovation
  • Customization
  • Convenience
  • Communication
Project Management

We believe in assisting you with right project that makes the best use of your time and resources. We manage the project from initiation to completion taking out client's expectations in mind

Coordination Process

Our coordination process is simple and clear. We have devised strategies and patterns to fulfill our Clients project demands and deliver them on time.

Cost Reporting

We ensure that our clients are informed about the costs incurred in the project before hand and to satisfy them with our work.

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